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This gelée is best relished on freshly sliced tomatoes.
We recommend eating tomatoes with seasoning made from
tomatoes as well; eating vegetables with seasoning made from vegetables is our new suggestion.

・Kumamoto is proud to have the largest production of
 top quality tomatoes in Japan.
・Basil is also cultivated on the ground of Aso,
 completely free of pesticides.
・It is safe with no artificial additives, sweeteners or preservatives.
・Officially registered with "Kumamoto no Aka" as its brand,
 certified by the Kumamoto Prefecture.
・Also goes well with meat or fish dishes harmonized with the
 refreshing flavor of basil and mild tartness.

This is a jelly-type ponzu sauce made from natural premium dekopon juice.The food becomes more appetizing with this sparkling gelée.Because of its thick consistency, it does not drip and it is easier to serve on food. You can enjoy it without waste.Add it to fried food, carpaccio, salad or plain tofu to highlight the umami flavor of your dishes.

Ideal for your lunch box!
(Change the normal salad dressing to gelée and have no need to worry about spilling. Gelée is delicious with cold vegetables; so it is the best choice for lunch boxes ♪)

Keep the crispy texture of the food!
(Tonkatsu or pork cutlet and deep fried shrimp are two of those foods with batter, therefore have a crispy texture. Gelée form sauce is ideal for these because few moisture is absorbed and you can still enjoy the crispiness of the food.)

Economical and waste nothing!
(Only use the appropriate amount and also does not mess up the plates which does a lot to economize the dining before and after ♪)

Sumiso is originally a dressing used in Japanese dishes but by mixing basil paste in it, you can now enjoy it with Western style dishes as well. We use pesticide-free basil grown in Kumamoto by sticking to the safety of our products.We also add domestically grown Yuzu juice and Yuzu skin paste in order to match Sumiso and basil in a well balanced manner creating a refreshing taste.It is a taste on a higher notch, different from household cooking.

It features smooth, palatable and mild sweetness that can be attained by using high quality Japanese-rice miso The strong sourness is toned down so even children who are not fond of sour food can find it delicious.Hoshisan's traditional miso making techniques help produced this graceful Sumiso and everybody can easily and conveniently make delicious dishes.

We added plenty of Yuzu scent and flavor to this miso so you can recognize the citrous sweetness.Domestically grown rice is made to produce this miso with Hoshisan's artisans' fine techniques behind. You can use this to any dish and the original taste of the ingredient will surface.

Plenty of rich and nourishing sesame grown domestically is added to additive-free body-friendly miso, resulting to enhanced richness and sweetness.Not only can you use it for Dengaku, Yaki Onigiri, and cucumber or other vegetables, but its compatibility to meat is also a perfect match.You can care for your body very easily and conveniently with this Goma Miso in every day dining.

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