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We want to deliver the taste of our hometown
since you will use it all the time

As Kyushu's staple sweet soy sauce, Hoshisan's 「Amakuchi is patronized not only by the locals in Kyushu but  from all over the country.Besides keeping the firm richness of amakuchi soy sauce, its mild taste is the biggest characteristics of this sweet shyoyu It is not too sweet and has a smooth taste, so any dish can complement the ingredients.


Recommended Points


This is Amakuchi Shoyu (sweet soy sauce) representing Kyushu. This is an all-purpose Shoyu which can be used in any kind of cooking.

Care for your body

Compared to regular Koikuchi Shoyu (strong soy sauce), it contains 20% less salt. (The salt content of Amakuchi Shoyu is approximately 14%)

Make your meals more healthy

Because it has umami, sweetness and richness, you can cut the use of other seasonings such as sugar by using this soy sauce.



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