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Highly acclaimed product!
Once you eat with it, you'll be addicted!

Once you eat with it, you'll experience a totally new richness and mild and elegant taste that the conventional ponzu never had.This ultimate Ponzu is a blend of Kumamoto's luxury fruit, Dekopon's refreshing pure juice and 「Shiboritate Kijoyu」, made by 100 years of tradition. Even for those who are not good at sour ponzu, 「Hinokuni Ponzu」 can be your favorite  because of its depth of taste.


The Secret to Deliciousness

Only the rare fruit Dekopon could accomplish the ultimate mellowness

Only dekopons which passed the standards of "Honnakotsu clearance" with a sugar content of 13 degrees or more, and an acidity of less than 1% are used to make this product. Hence, you will discover a sweetness that cannot be done with any other fruit, and the mildness is different from other ponzu products!

Hoshisan's Traditional Raw Soy Sauce will bring about a rich flavor.

To make this "Hinokuni Ponzu", we do not perform the process of "firing" which stops the fermentation, therefore blend the soy sauce in its freshly squeezed state. This method has been handed down for over 100 years as a long-established soy sauce maker, producing the same original rich flavor of the soy sauce.

We pursue the quality of 「dashi」 by using Dekopon juice and Kijoyu

To pursue the quality of "dashi" or soup stock, choosing the best bonito and kelp will take full advantage of the elegant sweetness of dekopon and the rich flavor of raw soy sauce. We are proud to introduce this masterpiece of Hoshisan which will draw out the flavor of every dish you prepare.


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