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Enjoy Goteishu's rich aroma and tender sweetness only made possible from the superb Koji that has been passed down for 100 years.
Locals of Kumamoto patronize Goteishu for a long time. For them, Goteishu represents Hoshisan. Its greatest feature is its tender sweetness, derived from Koji.「Mugitsubu Miso」 will surely let you enjoy the umami of original wheat and its fragrance as well as the sweetness of Koji to its utmost power which is brought out by our skilled artisans with traditional techniques.We wish to deliver security called deliciousness to every family for each meal. Goteishu is our best masterpiece filled with Hoshisan's 100 years worth of pride.



  • Hoshisan's 「Koji」, our never-dimming tradition

    There is a saying, 「The quality of Miso and Shoyu is influenced by the quality of Koji.」 It really affects how well the miso is produced. We, in Hoshisan, has been pursuing the best Koji since the era of Masakichi Furusho, the founder of Hoshisan. This superb Koji has been handed down to our Koji artisans for decades. The sweetness, umami and aroma are the three main features of our miso. Hence, customers from all over the country patronize our miso until today.

  • Kumamoto's Delicious Water

    Kumamoto is called 「the country of water」 because it has a lot of famous water resources like Shirakawa Springhead. About half of the ingredients of Miso is water so we are very particular about its quality. We use Aso's underground water which contains Aso's blessings bestowed by nature.

  • Less sault and rich in plant fiber

    Compared to regular Shiro miso (white rice miso) or Aka miso (red soybean miso), our miso contains 20 % less salt. So health-conscious consumers are very happy with our products. Barley, the ingredient of Mugi miso, is rich in plant fiber, which are well balanced with water soluble and insoluble fiber. Our barley grain miso, 「Goteishu」 will support the family health and happiness.


  • Goteishu


    The solid grain of barley is the feature of Goteishu. You can experience the harmonious combination of the barley's umami and flavor, and taste the slight sweetness of Koji.

    Goteishu(500 g or 1.1 lb)
    Goteishu (850 g or 1.87 lb)ご購入はこちら
    Goteishu (1 kilo or 2.2 lb)
  • Freeze-dried Goteishu

    Freeze-dried Goteishu

    Instantly pour hot water in a bowl, and enjoy the texture of barley koji and the goodness of Mugi Miso.


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