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Hoshisan has been pursuing quality service with our customers for over 100 years, mainly based in our hometown, Kumamoto. Today, we are providing good service not only in Kyushu area but also nationwide.

We carry a large number of items mainly miso and soy sauce products with their high quality in terms of taste, cost, and manufacturing efficiency. We are capable of making product proposals and developments, so that we can back up our corporate customers and shops by meeting their needs through our development capabilities.

Hoshisan's quality

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    Traditional technology of more than 100 years and state of the art in food product development

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    Wide Array of Awards(75 awards)

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    A number of skilled technicians with high skill level(including 4 first-class Miso Technicians)

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    Various commodity items and developmental achievements※
    (Miso: about 100 kinds, Soy Sauce: about 120 kinds, other seasonings: about 80 kinds)

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    Product development ability to quickly respond to customers' needs.

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    We are capable of responding to various shipments in response to detailed requests such as sudden mass production of a certain product or orders made either in bulk or loose

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    Service personnel with good service
    (We respond quickly to our customers by having thorough communication with them)

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    Sending an important food culture in the form of Miso and Soy Sauce
    (We provide plant tour and workshop for miso production to mainly local children)



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