About Hoshisan


100 years of pride and the spirit for 100 more

Fresh Water and River Breeze brought by the Nature of Aso

Kumamoto is referred as "the country of fire" because it symbolizes Mt. Aso.
Its great nature also creates an abundant amount of crystal clear water resources.
Hence, Kumamoto is referred as "the country of water" as well.

Among them, Shirakawa Springhead is chosen as one of the
100 most famous water resources in Japan.

The factory of Hoshisan is located at the river bank
near Shirakawa's way to Kumamoto City where tasty water is pumped from the well.

Making the best product along with mother nature.

Special Koji or Rice Malt: The secret technique is supported by determination and commitment.

It has been loved by the customers for over 110 years.

In order to receive continuous patronage from the customers,
Hoshisan has been pursuing to produce the best possible "Koji".

Our Koji artisans listen to the breath of Koji supported
by precise calculations along with their highly trained intuition.

The traditional secret technique is handed down from the era of Masakichi Furusho,
the founder of Hoshisan, to the present and culminated for over a hundred years.
Hoshisan has kept it as a treasure and continuous to deliver happiness to everyone's table.

We, as an integrated food corporation, focus on the world market.

Our factory is always filled with liveliness.

With the soul of veteran artisans and young energy
to create new ideas are challenging the walls of taste preference.

While placing priority on tradition,
we jump over the frame as a long-established brewery in order to create
a new phase of "delicious" that is still undiscovered.

Hoshisan will lead the world one step forward as an integrated food corporation;
from Kumamoto to the whole Japan,
and to the rest of the world.
We support "food" with the best and solid technology possible.